Amoo Nooroz Ecolodge Description

Amoo Nooroz Ecolodge in Tabas, in South Khorasan is a traditional house for tourists .

If you have not traveled to the desert, come along with us and travel to the most desert parts of Iran. We assure you that this journey will be your most memorable, exciting and diverse journey. If you have not had the pleasure of traveling to the fabulous desert cities of the past, stay tuned with us. Tabas is one of the most awesome natural handicrafts and hardworking people of the desert. Tabas is a city full of refreshing beauty and glory of the Lord. Indeed, Tabas is a paradise in the heart of the central desert of Iran with warm, hospitable and well-educated people welcomed by tourists and we will meet you with the impossible and miracles of nature in Tabas, the contradictions that have come to this area in contemplation and understanding. . Tabas is a desert, but differently, get along with us in Tabas and neighboring villages to experience the strangest phenomena of nature. Tabas is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful desert cities in Iran, which has many natural, historical and cultural attractions.
Unfortunately, due to numerous reasons, this beautiful city of desert and its surrounding villages have remained unknown to tourists and nature enthusiasts, and less tourism has left these deserted areas. Peaks to this beautiful and unique city of the central desert has so few tourist attractions that few people believe With such amazing landscapes and landscapes, the orchards of the magnificent orchestras and magnificent palm trees in the heart of the villages of this area will be unique to every newcomer. Peaks is an energetic and energetic green head that streets and boulevards of this city are full of orange trees and palm trees and olive trees. A calm, clean city with gentle people and warm blood. In the heart of this city is a beautiful garden and a mushroom of old trees and colorful bushes with its watery streams. This garden is called Golshan. Golshani in the heart of the central desert is truly a paradise dream in the desert.
Indo-Amur Nawoosh with its traditional structure in a different space with desert elements in five kilometers from the city of Tabas and among the palatial of this beautiful desert city is a great place for staying tourists and the nature of friends who travel to this area.

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