Alborz Province Description

A small and beautiful province with many natural and historical attractions. Chalus road from Karaj and mountain villages made it attractive for tourists

Alborz is a small and beautiful province with many natural and historical attractions. The Chalus road and its mountain villages are attractive for tourists and the nature lovers.

Alborz province is the center of Karaj , the smallest province in Iran, located 20 kilometers west of the city Tehran . The presence of immigrants from all over the country to this small province has led to the nickname of a small Iran. Climate variation in this area is high due to the Alborz mountain range, which is also named after the province, and this diversity is a factor for cultivation in different areas, as well as rich and special vegetation. It has mild, cold winters and mild summers. Culturally and socially, the residents of the province are divided into two groups of indigenous and immigrant.

Chalus Road - Karaj is considered to be the most beautiful tourist road in the country, which links the provincial capital with the north. The bending road, which displays natural phenomena such as tall mountains, lakes, rivers, tunnels, creeks, and solid trees. One of the most prominent attractions of this path is the Gachsar Tulips Garden, which is visited annually by a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to this route, Kordan roads and road [city type=city slug=taleqan-city] are also considered as other tourist routes in the province.

Dizin Ski Resort : One of the most important ski resorts in the country, attracted by enthusiasts, due to facilities, telecabin (cable car), traps, and international competitions.

Lake Karaj and Taleghan Dam, Salahi Air Training Center in Nazarabad, Khor ski resort on the Chalous road and Nor-al-Shohadah highlands in Azimiyeh are among other tourist attractions of Alborz province.

Alborz Highlands with natural waterfalls, springs, lush slopes, unique plants and animals attracts every year climbers, mountain climbers and families for fun and enjoyment of nature.

The natural caves in this province are one of the most spectacular areas. Among these caves is "Yakh Morad Cave " on the Chalous road, a cave that has ice marshes throughout all seasons. The other natural cave is Viswar cave in the village of Hiv in Savojbolagh.

In the south of Nazarabad and the margin of the Shoor River in Eshtehard, there is a large desert that displays specific ecosystems and forms of erosion.







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