South Khorasan

Old Name : nieh
Name Describtion : In old time there were two separated cities called Neh and Bandan but now it is a city called Nehbandan
Population : 57,258 (people)
Area : 26,094 (square Km)
Train Station Train Station Airport Airport


Nehbandan City Description

Nehbandan is at the neighborhood of desert so resulted to desert climate, with warm days & cold nights. Nehbandan city is located in south of Khorasan state & from East & South it has reached to several plains which have ended in Sistan state & Lut Desert , because of that, water of qanat of this territory is a little salty. This geographical futures have contributed to a land which did not harm and conquer by enemies, and also, due to the climate condition it is a perfect environment for growing plants & living animals.

Nehbandan is known of its windmills but its jujube and saffron is also famous. Martian Mountains & loot desert in Deh Salm village are other attractions from this city.


Nehbandan City Culture

Hard working people whom harness desert winds & have built several windmills. They can speak Farsi Dari, Arabic & Balochy  & they are religious inhabitants.

Souvenirs and handcrafts

Carpet Weaving with ancient & magnificent stencils is the most important art of this region & Towel Weaving is another one. Beside the handcrafts, there are some of agricultural goods: saffron, jujube, barberry, pistachios & pomegranate.