South Khorasan

Name Describtion : It names means this place has many Lightning, But know rarely it is happening
Famous : city of pine, city of culture
Population : 259,506
Area : 42.7 (km2)
Train Station Train Station (Birjand International Airport (XBJ Airport


Birjand City Description

Nicknamed as city of pines and city of culture, Birjand is the capital of South Khorasan . It was once an important city in Qohestan region where was a part of greater Khorasan.

Birjand is an arid area and has desert weather with hot summers and cold winters. There is also a significant difference between day and night temperatures. 

Birjand has been the first city of Iran equipped with tap water system. It is said that Shokatiyeh School in Birjand was the third modern public school of higher education in Iran.

Birjand apart from its desert surrounding it, has a few green big gardens like Akbaryeh Garden registerd as world's heritage. You can see old tall pines all around the city.

Birjand's carpets are showing themselves with their special color and design and the city is proud of that. You can find carpets in City Bazar and around Imam Khomeini Square.


Birjand City Culture

Like other people of South Khorasan , Birjand residents speak “Farsi dary”, which has a different accent in some words. Birjandian people have a warm-hearted character and they have gained this attitude by neighboring warm desert and this warmth can be felt  through the local songs. Music is a inseparable part of South Khorasan culture & in most of parties and traditional ceremonies they performed along with “the dance of wood”  & for sure it is an eye catching event.

In Birjand the old cultures still stand, not as it was before but residents are trying to keep their roots & believes, like “shabe chele’ ceremony which is a traditional party in the first night of winter in order to bring hope to watch the sun again in cold season.

The majority of the inhabitants are religious & ShiE is their belief. they have many religious ceremonies and they have performed  in 2 months, Moharam & Safar.

The outfit of this region is based on the climate & geografic features but these days it is very rare to put on. CHehel tiser, Ghorot, Shalite, Arkhalogh & Charghad are some of the vast outfits which are made from wool & other natural materials.


Handy crafts are the symbol of civilization’s history and it can indicate the creativity & feelings of their creators, in Birjand, like other parts of Iran, handy crafts relieved deep & rich culture of the territory. Arts like Kilim Weaving , Course Weaving ,Pottery & Carpet Weaving .


Along with the handy crafts, there are a vast variety of agriculture products that might tempt visitors to buy as a valuable souvenir, goods like Almonds, Barberry, Saffron, Berry, Grape, Figs, Jujubes  & Prune.

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on 1396/06/09

شهر عناب و زرشک

همیشه اسم بیرجند برای من سوای از حس تاریخ و فرهنگ یادآور زرشک و عناب است.

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Targol - Masood

on 1396/06/08

شهری ناشناخته

بیرجند از لحظه ورود برایت حرف دارد برای گفتن، از درخت‌های کاج که خودنمایی می‌کنند در این شهر کویری تا معماری خانه و باقت قدیمی شهر. به این شهر سری زدید، عناب بیرجند یادتان نرود